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FANatick Of The Month:‚Äč

Haley McConville

Congrats to our good friend Haley (@HaleyyMcC) for being dubbed April's FANatick of the Month. Haley has been to many Naticks sets over the past couple years and was our first fan to post on our blog. As a band, we try to bring as much energy as we can to every live show; it's safe to say Haley matches if not exceeds this energy level at every one she's been to, and for that we are grateful! Now working at URI, Haley is frequently seen on campus rocking her Naticks gear and keeping an eye on young Ethan. She'll be featured on this month's upcoming podcast in which we'll discuss her favorite bands, the best live shows she's been to, the launch of her own podcast, and honestly probably go down a long winded Game Of Thrones discussion. Cheers Haley, we'll see you at pint night!