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FANatick Spotlight:‚Äč

Ethan Lyons

This is so rigged, he's in the band! Unfortunately, with this well deserved crowning of Ethan Lyons as FANatick of the Month, it is also coincided with his departure from the band. Ethan has been a tremendous contributor to The Naticks, from writing, playing out, educating all of us on music theory, and recording all of the percussion for our upcoming EP release. While doing all of this, he's also managed to attend class at URI, play in ensembles, and work several jobs, which would wear anybody out pretty quickly, yet E-Money managed to make it work for years. While his leaving is tough, it's happening in the most positive way possible, and we anticipate much future collaboration! We're not exactly sure what E-Harmony's prize will be, as he's got all the merch he can wear, and an open invitation to the house to jam, but I'm sure we'll think of something good! Love ya buddy!

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