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FANatick Of The Month:‚Äč

Mike Whalen

Congrats to Mike Whalen (follow him at @MikeWhalen4) for being selected as the first Fanatick of the Month in 2018! Mike has been to a handful of live shows, including our set last year at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston. He tends to make his presence known at shows by yelling out individual members names, that can somehow be clearly heard over loud amps and banging drums. He ranks his favorite names to yell out, tells us a little bit about his music taste, references the most recent Star Wars (several times), and discusses going to see The Killers last week at the TD Garden with Cappy, Telli, Drew, and some very good friends. Check it out on our SoundCloud, and give his playlist a listen on Spotify (@the_naticks).Cheers Mike!